Miss DJ Competition

Event & Platform

Miss DJ Competition is a national Swedish female DJ competition, music and brand platform with unparalleled results. Miss DJ is also what happens when you really connect to a national mood and movement - and then bring people together.

Our mission was to celebrate female DJs in an otherwise almost totally male-governed genre. And girl, was it worth it! It was clear from the very start that there is a fantastic level of female DJs all over the country - even in places we didn't even know existed! 

Using our specially designed and highly socially-engineered digital platform, as well as our talented on-the-ground team, we were able to deliver total national press-coverage for participating DJs, deliver DJs' music into the hands of their voting fans (via the Miss DJ iOS app), and offer our brand partners exclusive engagement with their demographic in a unique and very effective way - and that at a top end ROI rate too!

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